The organiser of the event is the entity 312 Bike& Tours SL (hereinafter 312 Bike& Tours) with registered office at Carrer de les Parres 51, 07570, Artà, Illes Balears, registered in the Mercantile Register of Palma de Mallorca on 7 July 2016, in Volume 2. 666 of the Archive, General Section, folio 26, section 8, page number PM-79.193, 1st inscription, and fiscally identified by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance with CIF number: B-57.967.622.

The XII edition of the TotalEnergies GRAN FONDO ALBERTO CONTADOR begins with its official start at 8:00 a.m. on SATURDAY September 23, 2023 in Oliva, Valencia. One routes made up of 146 km with the arrival closing at 2:25 p.m. It is open to all cyclists over 18 years of age, or over 15 years of age with written authorisation from both parents or legal guardian.

The organization reserves the right to modify the departure time, notifying all participants on or before they collect their bib numbers.


The XII edition of the Total Energies GRAN FONDO ALBERTO CONTADOR is a cycling sports race regulated by Article 9 of the Cycling Regulation of the RFEC, such as, a free speed sports cycling race closed to traffic with a degree of significant difficulty (kilometers or unevenness) where participation and individual effort are motivated by self-improvement. Participants are identified with bibs or plates on their bicycles. A census of all the participants who finish the race is performed, and diplomas with certificate of mileage and approximate time spent completing the route are awarded, all within the framework of a cycling specialty that conceives this sport as a physical exercise for the purpose of leisure, tourism and culture. The race is subject to the provisions of Annex II of the Royal Decree 1428/2003, dated November 21, approved by the General Traffic Regulation for the application and development of the articles on the Laws of traffic, motor vehicle circulation and road safety, approved by the Royal Legislative Decree 339/1990, dated March 2.


3.1. Prior registration of the organizer is mandatory. The organizer assigns each participant a bib number and a plate number.
3.2. The total cost for the participant (including the price of registration and number, the purchase of the official jersey of the event and the management costs) is as follows:
• 59.99 euros for those registered on or before March 14, 2023.
• 64.99 euros for those registered after March 15 and on or before May 2, 2023.
• 69.99 euros for those registered after May 3 and on or before July 10, 2023.
• 74.99 euros for those registered after July 10 and on or before August 21, 2023.
• 74.99 euros for those registered after August 21 and on or before September 22, 2023. The official jersey is not included in this section.
3.3. Within the total cost for the participant, the registration fees, the purchase of the official race jersey, and the registration platform expenses are included.


In order to participate, it is mandatory to be federated with the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC), or to assume, on behalf of the participant, the payment of the compulsory insurance price of 12 euros to participate in the race.
If participants are federated outside of Spain, or if participants are federated in a federation other than RFEC (for example, the Royal Spanish Triathlon Federation of Spain (RFET), the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), the Cycling Tourism Federation (FCT) they are not exempt from the payment for the mandatory insurance price of 12 euros in order to participate in the race. Participation in this race is the responsibility and risk of the participants.
Participants, at the time of registration, state that they are physically fit for the race. It is the obligation of all cyclists to ensure, before participating in the event, that they are in perfect health and are capable to endure the physical effort required to participate in the event.


Only paid registrations will be accepted, in other words, there pre-registration and payment when picking up the bib is NOT POSSIBLE. Payment can only be made online with a credit card through the secure payment gateway available by the organization.


Registrations are exclusively personal and non-transferable. They cannot be used by someone other than the registered individual. It is not possible to substitute one participant for another.


The time control will be done electronically through the use of a chip. The use of this chip is mandatory, which is located on the numbered plate. The plate should be attached to the front of the handlebar. The chip does not work if it is in direct contact with the bike, or if it is placed elsewhere. Any participant who does not wear the chip will not be awarded a diploma.
The time control system has demonstrated total reliability, so participants who do not have a control pass at all points will automatically be considered unclassified: departure at the scheduled time, arrivals and other control points are located along the way.


The event route planner can be consulted on the event’s website. It indicates the maximum passing times and the average speed pace for each distance.

Every participant when being passed by the ‘Fin de Prueba’ vehicle is considered out of it, and must deliver the bicycle license plate, using the broom bus or else, excluded from the test, will pass under his responsibility to be a normal user of public roads, without any kind of assistance from the organization, in case they decide to continue the tour by bicycle.

Eliminatory control points will be located at the refreshment stations, established according to the maximum times of passage. The participant who exceeds these hours must leave the test in a compulsory way, using the broom bus or excluded from the test, will become a normal user of public roads, without any assistance from the organization, in case you decide to continue the bike tour.


The collection of bib numbers will take place at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort on Thursday 21 from 12:30 p.m to 9:00 p.m. and Friday 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. In addition, it can be collected the same day of the event from 6:00 a.m. to 7:15 a.m. The collection of the bib number and the participant’s bag can only be collected on the days authorized by the organization. No further shipments or pickups will be made. All participants must carry, in a mandatory and visible way, the bicycle plate. Any cyclist who does not have the bicycle plate visibly placed on the handlebar will be excluded from the route by members of the organization or by law enforcement agencies. The bib number and chip are personal and non-transferable Articles. Registered participants will only be able to participate with the number assigned to them and agree to not to allow the use of the same to other parties.


Any participants who are towed by any vehicle will be excluded by the Organization.
Prohibition of accompanying vehicles in accordance with the Traffic RULES: The police enforcement will stop any accompanying vehicles and will be held responsible for the penalties that do not comply with traffic regulations.
The organization reserves the right to act against individuals who fail to comply with the regulations, including the prohibition to participate in future editions of the race.


There will be 3 liquid and solid feed stations. Their location will be announced in the participant’s book. The feed stations will have assistance personnel from the organization duly identified.
Likewise, a rest and refreshment area is established at the finish line, where a food and drink ticket will be delivered to each participant.


The Organization will have a permanent group of doctors, ambulances and mobile ICUs during the race, as well as several emergency sites, and a medical post at the arrival point and on the retrieval bus.


The organization will have mechanical assistance at the aid stations. In the event of a possible repair at this station, the spare parts are the responsibility of the participants.


The use of a helmet is mandatory.

The use of the official race jersey is recommendable as a distinctive element to facilitate the job of the organizers, volunteers and law enforcement personnel.

For safety reasons, participants must use conventional road bikes with brakes on both wheels (‘fixie’ or ebikes are not allowed) and without attachments (‘cabra’ bikes, trail bikes and triathlon bikes are not allowed).
The use of bicycles of the Handbike type or adapted for people with reduced mobility is allowed.


The Provincial Traffic Office, Guardia Civil, Municipal Police and Civil Protection will be available to ensure the safety of the race.
The Organization, advised by Organizations related to Civil Protection, may enact the partial or total suspension of the race in the event that it has sufficient information regarding risks that may affect the safety of the participants or collaborating personnel. These risks may be associated with Adverse Meteorological Phenomena (Storms, Strong Winds, Hail, etc.), floods, landslides, terrorist threats, etc. or any other incident unrelated to the sports bicycle race that could potentially affect it.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the route will be clearly marked with arrows and panels, as well as signs.
The signage will be removed after the conclusion of the event.
All participants must scrupulously comply with the provisions of the Road Safety Law and its Regulations. The race takes place on roads closed to traffic. Whoever does not comply with the law will be eliminated from the race and from subsequent editions. Participants agree that they assume the risks inherent to the participation in the race and that the organization is excluded any responsibilities regarding incidents or accidents derived from the participation in the race.


The Organization is not responsible for any accidents caused by the participants, which is covered by the participant’s own insurance, nor is it responsible for the expenses or costs that participants may incur during the race. The Organization is not responsible for the loss or damage to the participants’ bicycles or other equipment. Participants exonerate the organization from responsibility for loss or deterioration of personal objects for any circumstances.


Without prior notice, the Organization reserves the right to make the appropriate modifications both on the route(s), as well as during the race, for any reason it deems necessary. And also reserves the Right of Admission.


Image Rights.- The acceptance of these regulations necessarily implies that participants authorize the organizers of the TotalEnergies GRAN FONDO ALBERTO CONTADOR the total or partial recording of their participation, agree to the use of their images for the promotion and dissemination for the TotalEnergies GRAN FONDO ALBERTO CONTADOR or any other organized events or events where 312 Bike & Tours SL participates or markets, or by any other entity related to 312 Bike & Tours SL, in all its conditions (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, Internet, posters, media, etc.) and assign all rights related to the commercial and advertising exploitation that they consider appropriate to execute, without the right to receive any financial compensation of any kind.


The mere fact of registering for this race implies the acceptance of these regulations. By registering, participants confirm their acceptance and agree to respect the regulations of the UCI and the national federation, as well as the particular regulations of the event. They also agree to accept the guidelines of the organization’s staff, the security and first aid services, the risks linked to their participation, especially the health risks involved, falling or colliding, as well as the risks related to road traffic and to adverse atmospheric conditions, where appropriate.
All participants are responsible for behaving respectfully towards the environment and agree to take all appropriate measures regarding the protection of the environment and will not throw away waste or dirty the race itinerary.


There will be a strict penalty for those participants who:
• Do not respect the traffic regulations.
• Do not respect the security instructions indicated by law enforcement and the organization.
• Do not go through the start control and other controls located along the route.
• Dirty or vandalize the itinerary by throwing away waste.
• Have their own support vehicle, hindering the progress for the rest of participants.
• Behaviors that prevent the normal development of the race and go against these regulations.
• Place themselves in start locations that are not allowed by their bib number.
Members of law enforcement and the organization will take note of those who carry out the behaviors mentioned above.
The organization undertakes the commitment to the rest of the participants, and the authorities to sanction them effectively.

The penalty will be:

• Disqualification from the race, without the right to a diploma or medal.
• Including sanctioned participants on a list for subsequent participation.
• Prohibition to participate in other race editions.
• The sanctions imposed by the authorities by a particular attitude.


Participants must read, understand and agree to the conditions of participating in the TotalEnergies GRAN FONDO ALBERTO CONTADOR:
• Participants declare to be in good health and capable of performing the physical effort involved in participating in the gran fondo race or race, depending on the chosen route.
• Participants are responsible for taking care of their own material during the race, including the loss or deterioration of personal objects, as well as larceny and theft, loss, or other circumstances.
• Participants agree to comply with traffic regulations and especially those set out by the Road Safety Law and its Regulations, ensuring their safety and that of the other participants and public road users.
• Participants exempt 312 Bike & Tours SL, and/or any other private individuals or legal entities from the responsibility derived from any accident caused both by traffic events and sports accidents, including any claim for personal or third-party damages.
• Participants agree to exercise extreme caution should there be unforeseen events or vehicles that may be circulating along the route.
• Participants understand there are dangerous sections where they must exercise extreme caution, as well as prolonged descents with curves where moderate speed must be used in order to avoid personal and/or external damage. They also understand that there are sections where state roads may not meet adequate safety conditions and different tunnels that may NOT be illuminated properly. Participants expressly exclude 312 Bike & Tours SLU from liability for any damage that it may suffer due to road conditions or due to a defect to the road infrastructure.
• Participants know that they are responsible should they suffer a sports injury inherent to the cycling practice, assume personal responsibility for accidents caused to them or third parties during the race, exempting and maintaining 312 Bike & Tours SLU harmless from any responsibility derived from these accidents.


The organization will designate a group of participants whose role will be to ensure the safety of the event. They will carry a kit that identifies them at all times. Said participants have the power to communicate to the organization the commission, by any participant, of the conduct described in Article 20, these communications having the same value as the complaints made by the organization itself.


Commemorative, non-cumulative trophies will be awarded to the following cases:
• First three Men and Women of each distance.
• Youngest Male and Female participant of each distance.
• Oldest Male and Female participant of each distance.
• Other prizes based on participation.
• Gifts for participants will be delivered at the finish line. They will not be mailed.
• Commemorative medals will be awarded to all participants who cross the finish line.


In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Counsel on April 27, 2016 regarding the protection of private individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter, RGPD), as well as the regulations that encompass it, 312 BIKE & TOURS, SLU. informs you that the personal data obtained through the registration platform will be included in an automated file where 312 BIKE & TOURS SLU. is responsible (hereinafter, 312 Bike & Tours) with registered office at Carrer de Les Parres, 51, 07570, Artà, Illes Balears, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Palma de Mallorca dated July 7th, 2016, in Volume 2,666 of the Archive, General Section, folio 26, section 8, page number PM-79.193, 1st inscription, and fiscally identified by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Spain with CIF number: B-57.967.622.
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