Article 1.

The X edition of the GRAN FONDO ALBERTO CONTADOR will have two routes of 161.8 km and 111.2 km. To comply with the instruction of the Dirección General de Tráfico, two start waves will be arranged.

GRAN FONDO official departure at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 26, 2020 in Oliva, Valencia.

MEDIO FONDO official departure at 9:30 a.m on Saturday, September 26, 2020 in Oliva, Valencia.

Finishing in the same place of the exit of the mentioned locality, where the control of arrivals will be closed at 3:45 p.m. It is open to all cyclists aged 18 and over, or 16 and over with formal written parental authorization.

The organisation reserves the right to modify the departure time, and must inform participants during or before bib collection.

Article 2.

The X edition of the GRAN FONDO ALBERTO CONTADOR is a cyclosportive regulated by article 9 of the RFEC’s Cycling for Everyone Rules and Regulations, that is, as a free speed cyclosportive event, with a considerable degree of difficulty (mileage or slopes) where participation and individual effort are a motivation for personal growth. Participants will be identified with bibs or bicycle plates. A census will be carried out among the participants who complete the trial and certificates will be handed out featuring the mileage and approximate time employed to complete the trial, all of this within the framework of a cycling specialty that conceives this sport as a form of physical exercise with leisure, touristic and cultural purposes. The trials will be subject to the dispositions outlined in Annex II of the Royal Decree 1428/2003, of the 21st of November, which approves the General Traffic Rules for the application and development of the text articulated in the Law regarding traffic, flow of motor vehicles and road safety, approved by the Royal Legislative Decree 339/1990, of the 2nd of March.

Article 3.

The event organiser is the company 312 Bike & Tours SL (hereafter, 312 Bike & Tours)based at Carrer de Rafel Blanes, 90, 07570, Artà, Illes Balears, registered at the Palma de Mallorca Commercial Register on the 7th of July 2016, in Book 2666 of the Archive, General Section, page 26, section 8, sheet number PM-79.193, entry number 1, and fiscally identified by Spain’s Ministry of Economy and Finance by the number CIF: B-57.967.622.

Previous registration with the organiser is compulsory. The organiser will give each participant a bib and/or bicycle plate.

The registration fees are:

  • 55 euros until March 5, 2020
  • 60 euros until May 6, 2020
  • 65 euros until July 8, 2020
  • 70 euros until August 31, 2020
  • 70 euros until September 25, 2020 (gift jersey not included)

In addition to the aforementioned fee, cyclists not in possession of an RFEC licence will have to pay 10 Euros for the corresponding participant insurance.
Cyclists with RFEC licences must present their licences when collecting their bibs. Failure to do so will result in payment of 10 Euros for the compulsory day insurance.

Article 4.

In order to take part, cyclists must either be members of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) or acquire the one-day insurance provided by the organization.

The fact that the user is federated outside of Spain, or that the user is federated in a federation other than the RFEC (Real Federación Española de Ciclismo) such as Triathlon (RFET), Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), Cycling Federation (FCT) will not exempt from the payment of the compulsory insurance price of 10 euros to participate in the Gran Fondo Alberto Contador.

In these cases other than the RFEC license, the user will assume the payment of the compulsory insurance price of 10 euros to participate in the event.

Participation in the event is at the sole risk and responsibility of the participants. When registering, participants declare that they are physically fit to take part in the event.

Article 5.

Only paid registrations will be accepted, meaning that it is NOT POSSIBLE to pre-register and pay upon bib collection.

The payment can only be made online using a credit card through the secure payment gateway set up by the organisation.

Article 6.

Registrations are strictly personal and non-transferable. They cannot be used by someone other than the person who registered. One participant cannot be replaced by another.

Article 7.

Timekeeping will be done electronically using a chip.  It is compulsory to use the chip, which will be attached to the bicycle plate. The plate must be placed securely on the front of the handlebars. The chip will not work if it is in direct contact with the bicycle or if it is placed elsewhere. Participants who do not use it, will not receive diplomas.

This timekeeping method has proven to be completely reliable, and participants will automatically be disqualified if they do not pass through all the checkpoints: departure at the established time, finish-line and other checkpoints along the route.

Article 8.

Elimination system:

  • Any participant overtaken by the broom car is considered to be out of the running and must hand in his bicycle plate; he must then make use of the broom bus.
  • Elimination checkpoints will be set up at the solid feeding zones, in accordance with the maximum time-limits. Any participant who exceeds these times must abandon the trial, making use of the broom bus. Alternatively, once excluded from the trial, he may go on to become a normal road user under his own responsibility, with no assistance from the organisation should he decide to continue the route on his bicycle.

Article 9.

Bib collection will take place the day before the event at the Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. In addition, you can pick up the same day of the march from 5:30 to 7:00hs.

Collection of the bib and the rider bag will take place only on days established by the organisation. These cannot be mailed or collected at a later time. Each and every participant must have a visible bicycle plate. Any rider whose plate is not clearly visible on his bicycle’s handlebars will be excluded from the route by members of the organisation or by the authorities. The bib and the chip are both personal and non-transferrable items. Only the person who registered can participate with the bib that has been assigned to him. He, therefore, accepts that he cannot allow anyone else to use it.

Article 10.

Any participant seen to be towed by any other vehicle will be eliminated by the Organisation.

Ban on accompanying vehicles in accordance with Road RULES: The authorities will detain any accompanying vehicles, which must be held accountable for any fines that this breech may incur.

The organisation reserves the right to take action against anyone who breeches these rules, including banning them from any future editions of the cyclosportive.

Article 11.

The location of solid and liquid feeding zones will be made known in the participant handbook.

Article 12.

The Organisation will have, permanently available throughout the trial, a medical team, ambulances and mobile ICUs, several fixed first aid locations, a medical stand at the finish-line and a broom bus.

Article 13.

The organisation will make mechanical assistance available at determined fixed points along the route. In the case of a repairable breakdown at one of these fixed points, participants will cover the cost of spare parts.

Article 14.


  • Use of a helmet is compulsory.
  • Use of the trial’s official maillot is compulsory, as a distinctive element to ease the work of the organisers, volunteers and authorities.
  • For security reasons, only conventional road bicycles with breaks on both wheels (“fixie” or ebikes are not allowed) without hook-ups (time-trial or triathlon bikes are not allowed) may be used.

Article 15.

The Directorate-General of Traffic, the Civil Guards, the Municipal Police and Civil Protection authorities will provide security during the trial.

The Organisation, following the advice of Organisms linked with Civil Protection, may suspend part or the totality of the cyclosportive if it has enough information regarding risks that may affect the security of the participants or of the collaborating staff. These risks may be associated with Adverse Meteorological Phenomena (Storms, Strong Winds, Hail, etc.), Floods, Landslides, Terrorist Threats, etc. or any other incident external to the cyclosportive that could potentially affect it.

Without prejudice to the aforementioned, we inform that the route will be clearly signposted using arrows and panels, as well as signallers.

These signs will be removed once the event has finished.

Article 16.

Each and every participant must scrupulously comply with every disposition outlined in the Road Safety Law and in the Rules and Regulations. The event takes place on roads that are closed off to traffic. Whoever is found to break that law will be expelled from the cyclosportive and from future editions. The participant declares that he assumes the risks inherent with participating in a trial and releases the organisation from any responsibility regarding any incident or accident that may result from his participation.

Article 17.

The Organisation is not responsible for any accident which may be caused or suffered by the participant, who must be covered by the insurance included with the licence, nor will it contribute to the costs or the debts incurred by participants during the event, nor cover losses or breakdowns suffered by their bicycles or other equipment. The participant releases the organisation from any responsibility for the loss or damage of personal items, under any circumstance.

Article 18.

In order to collect bibs, it is COMPULSORY to present a National Identity Card or passport along with the RFEC licence, if no other insurance proposed by the organisation has been taken out. Bibs may not be collected by third parties. Should the participant not present a licence, he must pay 10€ for the day insurance.

Article 19.

Without prior notice, the Organization reserves the right to make appropriate modifications both in the route (s), as well as in the progress of the march, when for any reason it deems necessary. And also the Right of Admission is reserved.

Article 20.

Image rights.- Acceptance of the present rules and regulations implies that the participant authorises the organisers of the GRAN FONDO ALBERTO CONTADOR to record part or the totality of his participation, and that he gives permission for this image to be used in the promotion and broadcast of the image of the GRAN FONDO ALBERTO CONTADOR or any other event organised by or participated in or commercialised by 312 Bike & Tours SL or any other entity related with 312 Bike & Tours SL, in any form (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, Internet, posters, media, etc.) and cedes all rights relative to their commercial and advertising exploitation that the company may deem appropriate. The participant will have no right to receive any financial compensation whatsoever.

Article 21.

The mere fact of registering for the event implies the acceptance of the present rules and regulations. With his registration, the participant confirms that he accepts and agrees to respect the rules and regulations established by the UCI and by the national federation, as well as the event’s particular rules and regulations. Likewise, he undertakes to accept the instructions of the organisation staff and of security and first aid services, the risks linked to his participation, especially health risks such as falls or collisions, as well as risks related with road traffic and adverse weather conditions, if these arise.

Each and every participant is responsible for behaving respectfully towards to environment and, as such, of taking all appropriate measures to protect it by not throwing rubbish or littering along the event route.

Article 22.

The following participants will be strictly penalised:

  • Those who do not respect the Road Rules.
  • Those who do not respect the safety instructions given by the authorities and by the organisation.
  • Those who do not pass through the departure checkpoint or through other checkpoints located along the route.
  • Those who litter or damage the route by throwing rubbish.
  • Those who have their own support vehicle, thus hindering the advance of other riders.
  • Those who behave in a way that prevents the normal development of the event and who do not comply with the present rules and regulations.
  • Those who take position in departure areas not assigned to them by their bibs.
  • Organisation members and authorities will take note of those involved in any of the aforementioned actions.
  • The organisation has the obligation to the other participants and to the authorities to sanction the aforementioned participants effectively.

The penalties will be:

  • Disqualification from the event, without the right to a diploma or a medal.
  • Inclusion on the list of sanctioned participants, which will then be published.
  • Ban from participating in other editions of the event.
  • Sanctions imposed by the authorities, if the participant’s behaviour warrants it.

Article 23.

The organisation will appoint a group of participants whose responsibility it will be to watch over the safety of the event. These participants will wear an outfit that will identify them at all times. Said collaborators will have the power to report a participant who commits any of the conducts outlined in article 22 to the organisation. These communications will have the same weight as any reports made by the organisation itself.

Article 24.

The organisation will not assume responsibility if, without prior warning, the event is cancelled, its route is modified or it is delayed due to a case of “force majeure”.

Article 25.

Participant gifts will be given at the finish-line. They will not be sent by mail.

Article 26.

The user must have read, be aware of and accept the following conditions for participation in the GRAN FONDO ALBERTO CONTADOR:

  • The user declares that he is in an adequate state of health to undertake the physical effort required to participate in a gran fondo or fondo event, depending on the route he has chosen.
  • The user is solely responsible for the care and safekeeping of all material used during the event, including the loss or damage of personal objects, as well as theft, misplacement or other circumstances.
  • The user undertakes to comply with the road rules, especially those outlined in the Road Safety Law and in the Rules and Regulations, thus ensuring his own safety and the safety of the other participants and road users.
  • The user releases 312 Bike & Tours SL, and/or any natural or legal person linked to the event’s organisation, from any responsibility derived from any accident caused by either the traffic itself or sporting accidents, including any claim for personal injuries or from third parties.
  • The user undertakes to exercise caution when faced with unforeseen events or vehicles that may be driving along the route.
  • The user is aware that there are dangerous sections where he must exercise caution, as well as extended descents with curves where he must lower his speed in order to avoid personal injuries to himself or others. He also knows that there are sections where the state of the roads may not meet adequate safety conditions, and that certain tunnels may NOT be adequately lit, and expressly releases 312 Bikes & Tours from the responsibility for any prejudice suffered due to the bad state of the roads or due to any defects in the road network.
  • The user knows that there is a possibility of suffering a sporting accident that is inherent to the practice of cycling, and personally assumes the responsibility for any accident that he could bring upon himself or upon another participant, releasing 312 Bikes & Tours from any responsibility regarding these accidents.

Article 27.

In accordance with the European Parliament and European Council (EU) regulations 2016/679 of the 27th of April 2016 relating to the protection of individual persons regarding the processing of personal details and their free circulation, more commonly known as the the General Data Protection Regulation (henceforth, GDPR), as well as the legislation forming it, 312 BIKE & TOURS, S.L. informs you that the personal details obtained via their subscription service will be included in an automatic archive managed 312 BIKE & TOURS S.L (henceforth 312 Bike & Tours) with registered office in ‘Carrer de Rafel Blanes, 90, 07570, Artà,’ Balearic Islands, registered in the Merchants Register of Palma, Majorca on the 7th of July 2016, in volume 2666 of the file, General Section, page 26, section 8, sheet number PM-79.193, first registration, and identified physically by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Spain with the CIF number: B-57.967.622.

The collection and automatic processing of Personal Data is aimed at management of the relationship with the User, as well as for information and marketing of the service, and of any activities related to them, including for statistical purposes and to improve the service quality.

The personal data provided by the User is understood to be true and correct, the latter being solely responsible for the fact that the information provided is complete and true.
Once the user has unsubscribed, th time period for which the personal data collected through the form is kept shall be four years.

312 Bike & Tours is committed to fulfilling its obligation of personal data confidentiality and their duty to maintain and take all measures of a technical and organizational nature to ensure the safety of personal data and prevent their alteration, loss, processing or unauthorized access, taking into account any technological advances, the nature of the data stored and any risks to which they may be exposed, all in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR.

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